Landscaping is the practice of enhancing the outdoor area surrounding a residential or commercial property or around a public space.

There are two major components of landscaping – hardscaping and softscaping.


It refers to all the heavy, non-living materials installed in a landscape. Some examples are water fountains, patios, benches, firepits, fences and the list goes on.


It is the nurturing practice of installing and caring for grass, plants, trees, flowers and the soil around them.

So, if you need to install a patio or a retaining wall, that would be hardscaping. Sod installation and soil aeration are softscaping jobs, although they are usually referred to as simply landscaping. Usually, hardscaping requires more work and resources than landscaping, but it also depends on the type of work done and on how big the surface serviced is.

Landscaping expenses can be recuperated at least 100% at the time of selling the property, with some particular landscape services bringing in a profit.

Landscaping Services

These are the services RG Almanza offers:


Sod Installation

A properly done sod installation job actually begins with drainage analysis and soil testing.

Soil fertilization is done as required. It continues with destroying and removing weeds and old grass plus any debris such as rocks. The next step is tilling and adding top soil, if needed.

Now the actual sod installation begins, by adding freshly collected sod and then watering it to facilitate the transplant and encourage growth.


Grass Seeding

R&G Almanza offers seeding services for new lawns and established lawns as well. We go through the process of selecting the best grass seeds for your landscape and plant them at the proper time using professional equipment.


Lawn Maintenance

Once you have developed a lush lawn, regular maintenance is required to keep it good looking and healthy:


Mowing The Lawn

Besides the benefit of having a good looking and healthier lawn, mowing might also be required by the city you live in.

Our lawn mowing services follow the best practices: we know when to cut the grass, how much to cut (never more than a third of the blade or shorter than 3 inches) and we also inspect the grass for potential issues.


Lawn Fertilization

To ensure the best results, we analyze the soil and your lawn before fertilizing it. This is because choosing the right fertilizer for your grass is very important.

In the Chicago are, the first lawn fertilization should take place around mid-April, depending on the soil temperature. The following fertilizer applications should take place at regular intervals, all the way through October.


Planting & Seasonal Flower Installation

We go through a multi-step planting process to ensure you get the perfect result every time:


  • We test and till the soil
  • We fertilize and add topsoil as needed
  • We mulch areas around trees
  • We analyze your landscape and choose the best seasonal plants that match your property’s personality


Tree Services

From tree and stump removal to tree planting, RG Almanza offers full tree care services. Trees increase your property’s value and healthy trees keep it safe and beautiful.


Spring & Fall Cleanup & Maintenance

We can help keep your landscape thriving with the help of our clean up and maintenance services:


  • Removing debris
  • Removing dead plants and branches
  • Lawn seeding and fertilization
  • Soil aeration and tilling
  • Mowing
  • Cleaning leaves in the fall
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Irrigation system inspection


Mulching and Composting

Mulch and compost are used for few different reasons:

  • To fertilize the soil
  • Mulching the area around tree trunks, as far as the canopy spreads
  • To control weeds
  • To keep the soil moist

Our mulching and composting services are fast, professional, fertilize the soil and keep the application area healthy and clean.


Hardscaping Services


Patio Creations

We install low maintenance, exquisite patios and driveways that will match and enhance your property’s style.


Retaining Wall Construction

We build both decorative and functional retaining walls for residential, commercial and municipal properties.


Firepits & Fireplaces

Keep your landscape warm and welcoming with a professionally installed firepit or outdoor fireplace.


Grading and Drainage Solutions

Stormwater runoff can threaten the foundation of your property, wash off valuable soil and even create sinkholes.

We can help you keep your house safe with the help of grading, installing drainage systems and by using plants such as trees to control excess water.


Driveway, Walkway & Patio Maintenance

Services include weed control, sealing patios and driveways against stains, erosion and to control weeds, cleaning or replacing missing pavers and repairing cracks.


Snow Removal

We will remove snow and icicles using professional equipment and good old-fashioned manual labor for tight places.

We know how to use ice melt in such a way so it does not hurt your landscape.


Concrete & Paving Services

Not everything fit in one category. Your property is unique and so should be your paved surfaces and concrete structures. We can make your vision become a reality with custom outdoor construction services:

  • Concrete and paver paths
  • Concrete and paver patios
  • Concrete and paver driveways
  • Pillars
  • Walls

R&G Almanza offers comprehensive landscaping services to residential, municipal and commercial properties such as:


  • Golf courses
  • Playgrounds
  • Parks
  • Warehouse and office building landscaping
  • Rental properties and vacation homes
  • Municipal buildings