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Patios, garden walls, pillars

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Driveways, walkways, paths

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Landscape Design

Lawn care, seeding, installation

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Cedar fence installation

Carefully planned landscapes with the help of innovative practices, technology and good, old-fashioned hard work. We offer a wide range of design, lawn and landscaping maintenance services.



Residential, commercial & municipal landscaping projects.


Landscaping & Construction


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Design & Maintenance Projects

R&G Almanza Landscape

We are a full service landscaping and landscape design contractor located in Skokie IL.

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Experienced Staff

With the help of specialty equipment, our skilled landscapers will deliver the landscape of your dreams.


One of the first things a landscaping contractor should provide you with is valid insurance.


We deliver projects on-time and are always available when you have landscaping questions.


Our landscaping prices are competitive and we usually deliver more within the same budget than competing landscaping companies. We also offer recurring services, such as landscaping maintenance and snow removal.

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We design landscapes that match and enhance your property's look.


“Landscaping is the art of designing a sanctuary around your home, an oasis that rejuvenates and encourages a positive state of mind ."

– Raul Almanza Jr.

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"We have contracted with them for a number of years and they have done an excellent job for us."

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"We have used and recommended their services for different types of projects from tree installation to fencing and masonry. They have always provided competitive pricing and quality work."

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"Professional business. Overachieves expectations of the customers. Highly recommend."

Andrea A.

Maintenance & Design Landscaper Services

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Frequently asked questions

How To Choose A Landscaping Contractor?

There a few things that you should always check before working with a landscaper:

  • experience - there are few, if any, replacements for the hands-on experience a landscaper gets over time.
  • equipment - access to specialized, quality equipment ensures a smooth, safe job. It also makes your landscaping or construction project more affordable as it is going to be completed faster and with less manual labor.
  • insurance - it protects your landscape and the structures on your property against accidental damage.
  • location - a local landscaper will have to spend less time commuting and this will help keep your costs low. Read on to find out how our Chicago landscaping services can transform your outdoor living space.

What Is Landscape Edging?

Landscape edging is creating an area around different landscaping features such as garden beds or flower gardens meant to define and delimit those areas. It can have both an aesthetic and a practical use, such as keeping the mulch in place or defining an area as not meant for walking on it.

Landscape edging materials range from brick and stone to concrete and wood and it can give your property an absolutely stunning look.

What Is The Difference Between Landscaping & Hardscaping?

Landscaping is the practice of enhancing the outdoor area surrounding a residential or commercial property or around a public space.

There are two major components of landscaping – hardscaping and softscaping.


It refers to all the heavy, non-living materials installed in a landscape. Some examples are water fountains, patios, benches, firepits, fences and the list goes on.


It is the nurturing practice of installing and caring for grass, plants, trees, flowers and the soil around them.

So, if you need to install a patio or a retaining wall, that would be hardscaping. Sod installation and soil aeration are softscaping jobs, although they are usually referred to as simply landscaping. Usually, hardscaping requires more work and resources than landscaping, but it also depends on the type of work done and on how big the surface serviced is.

Landscaping expenses can be recuperated at least 100% at the time of selling the property, with some particular landscape services bringing in a profit.

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