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When Do Trees Require Maintenance Such As Inspections And Trimming?


There are quite a few reasons why you might need the help of a tree service company:


  • To trim branches and limbs that over-extend or cannot support their own weight anymore
  • To prevent a tree from falling over when its structural integrity is compromised
  • To treat diseases or pests such as the emerald ash borer (EAB)
  • To shape the tree to grow straight
  • Emergency tree service – when a tree or branch are leaning or have already fallen over due to extreme weather such as high winds, bitter cold, heavy snowfall, etc
  • To free space on your property or get more sunlight in your yard

Tree Trimming


Best done in the cold months, tree trimming and pruning can be also done outside that time frame:

  • To remove dead or dying limbs
  • Tree pruning can help with diseases and pest control by removing the affected areas
  • We recommend thinning branches to be done only in certain situations, by a specialist. If done wrong, it can reduce the tree’s wind resistance and affect its overall health
  • We strongly recommend against tree topping

Properly maintained trees increase property value by 2-15%, based on location & neighborhood.

General Tree Inspections

As a homeowner or property owner, you are liable for damage done by trees that have the trunk on your property if it is proven that you have failed to maintain them properly.

A tree service specialist inspection can save you a lot of trouble and maintain the value that trees add to your property. Some if the things that we look for might not be easily noticed by the untrained eye: tree diseases such as root rot, pest infestation, hidden structural faults and even soil analysis.


Tree Removal

A tree removal project has to be done by experienced specialists that have been trained to use specialty equipment. Any single property, residential or commercial, is unique and might require special skills to cut down and remove a tree. Some examples are having little clearance such as when a tree is very close to a building or structure, the tree being very close to power cables or having pre-existing structural issues that might cause the whole tree to fall down while being removed.


Tree Fertilization & Soil Analysis

We perform a wide variety of services meant to enhance your tree’s health:


  • Soil analysis and fertilization
  • Soil aeration for the purpose of encouraging growth of the root system
  • Mulch installation around the tree trunk and under the tree crown


Lightning System Installation

Reduce the risk of your tree being hit by lightning.

The chance by a tree being hit by lightning is small, but here is when you should consider installing a lightning system anyway:


  • When the tree is close to a structure
  • When the tree is the tallest tree in the area
  • Certain species such as oak and maple are more at risk


If a tree has already been struck by lightning, you should first make sure that everyone is safe and not in the tree’s path, should it fall and then call a tree service company to inspect the tree.


Cabling And Bracing

Sometimes a tree needs a helping hand (or cable) to support its weight and that of its branches. We can help the plant by installing steel cables and bracing rods.


Insect And Disease Control

We can help you prevent, identify and manage a wide variety of pests and tree diseases:

  • Emerald ash borer
  • Bark and leaf beetles
  • Dutch elm disease
  • Scale treatment
  • Fungus & mildew
  • Root rot
  • Anthracnose
  • Cankers & nematodes


Stump Removal

Tree stumps can be notoriously hard to remove. They take up precious room around the property, they might become a safety hazard and they are unwanted eye-sores.

There are 2 methods that we can use for stump removal:


  • Stump grinding – we grind the stump below ground level using specialized equipment
  • Chemical stump removal – it also starts with grinding the stump as much as possible. After that, we drill holes into the remaining wood and fill them with a specialty chemical solution that will turn the wood into a mushy composition.


Tree Planting

Our favorite job by far, tree planting can have many benefits:


  • Improves the quality of the air we breed
  • Planting a tree can and will (given time) increase your property’s value
  • It is a proven fact that enjoying nature and particularly trees can help establish a positive mindset and prevent issues such as anxiety


We like trees and treat them right. Our tree services reflect this attitude - call now for a free, no obligation quote.