Cedar is a great choice for a picket fence, due to its sturdiness and natural resistance to the elements.

Cedar fencing will last 15-20 years, depending on the humidity of the area where it is installed. These are some of the benefits of installing a cedar fence:

Fencing Installation In Chicago

  • Cedar does not warp, due to its density. It is also very resistant to cracks.
  • Cedar fences are resistant to decay, rot and insects such as termites
  • The wood pickets have a pleasant light-brown color which will give your property a more natural look
  • Cedar boards have knot holes, but they are very unlikely to fall out
  • Wood fences keep your property private and increase its security

Cedar Fencing Treatment & Sealing

Due to its natural properties, cedar can be used outdoors with or without staining it. The only downside to not applying stain is that it’s natural color will fade in time, due to exposure to sunlight and UV rays. Cedar has a tendency to turn gray after a few months.

An oil based semi-transparent stain is recommended for its ability to reflect the UV rays. Also, as opposed to water-based stains and finishes that create a surface film, an oil based stain will penetrate the wood and keep longer without flaking and peeling.

Maintaining Your Cedar Fence

There is very little maintenance for this kind of fence, especially when the fence installation is done well.

Cedar boards might shrink up to 1/4” so gaps between the boards have to be carefully calculated before installing a cedar fence. Another solution is to use a second layer of boards (you will need about 25% more boards than for a single layer). This will give you the benefit of a gap-free fence and the enhanced privacy that comes with it.


Cedar Fence With Top Cap

Capped fences give your property a more finished look. Top caps might also increase your fence’s longevity by protecting the board ends. Using fence post caps will complement and add to the natural beauty of the boards.


Fence Installation Process

Cedar fence installation requires quite a bit of work and it requires careful planning.

If you get any step wrong it can get also quite expensive because you are going to have to fix what you did wrong and possible replace pickets, posts or other fence parts. That is why it is best to hire a professional fence installation company that has refined their process to perfection.

The smallest details are important, such as the nails you use. Regular nails will rust in time and will stain the boards with rust streaks below the point where they are installed. Galvanized stainless steel nails should be used instead.

Fencing Styles


Imagination is the only limit when it comes to cedar fence styles. We can install any style and make your vision become a reality:


  • Paddock and estate fencing (good for using on farms, orchards, commercial properties and rental complexes)
  • Picket fences
  • Privacy fence – board on board, stockade, board and batten, scalloped, pointed top, Nantucket, French gothic

Repair Your Old Fence

Wood fencing seldom requires repairs, but, if it does, it is easier to do it than other materials and might be as easy as replacing a couple of boards. Besides the beautiful aspect, keeping your wood fence well maintained increases the security of your property.

Residential & Commercial Service

R & G Almanza Landscape performs cedar fence installations and other hardscaping services that will complement your property’s personality and last you for years to come. We service clients in the greater Chicago area.

We offer cedar fence installation services as well as other types of outdoor construction work.