Keep your property safe and in top shape with RG Almanza’s snow removal and de-icing services.


Residential Snow Removal & De-icing

As landscaping professionals, we know how to clean up snow and prevent the formation of ice around your house without hurting plants, lawns or hardscape features such as patios.

We always use the correct snow removal equipment, which best fits your property’s size and layout. For example, some areas may require the use of a snow-blower or good, old-fashioned shoveling.

De-Icing salt and chemicals serve a double-purpose:


  • To prevent fresh snow and ice from forming a bond and sticking to the ground
  • To melt existing snow or ice


We have standard procedures on how and when to use these de-icing agents that will keep your property safe and flourishing not only immediately after application but will also keep the plants and landscape features safe and damage-free.

Roof Snow Removal

Rooftop snow might have an insulating role, up to a point. However, it is very important for ice and snow buildup on your roof to be monitored, for several reasons:


  • Too much snow weight might cause parts of your roof to crack or collapse. The rule of thumb is that a roof can support up to 4 inches of ices or 3 feet of snow. However, these numbers vary greatly, based on the condition of the roof, the roof’s own weight and how long this weight has to be supported
  • Ice build-up on your roof and icicle formation might signal a poorly insulated roof. This is because ice usually forms if the roof radiates heat and melts the snow it is directly in contact with. Some of the resulting water freezes and turns into ice. If your gutters are blocked as well, the formation of ice can become much faster
  • The freezing and thawing cycle can form small pools of water that can rot your roof
  • Icicles are dangerous in themselves

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to consider removing the snow from your roof. Of course, the need may vary from year to year, depending on the amount of snowfall. However, it is best to have a professional help you with this task, for safety and roof maintenance reasons.


Driveway & Sidewalk Snow Removal

Most cities, such as Chicago, require property owners to clear snow from sidewalks adjacent to their properties in a timely fashion. This also includes landlords, who are responsible for removing snow on their rental property.

When it comes to driveway snow removal, it all depends on your timing. It is a common occurrence for city plows to push snow back into freshly cleaned driveways. If you know their timing, you can wait until they are done plowing your street and only then begin removing the snow. If you are using a snow removal company, it is also best to let them know when it is the best time to come.

Some areas you need to pay attention when removing sidewalk snow are fire hydrants and mailboxes, they need to be clear so they can be used when needed.


Decks & Walkways


Decks and walkways are usually more circulated than other areas around your home that you can avoid after a snowfall.

R&G Almanza can keep your deck and walkways clear of snow without scratching the deck or dislocating pavers. We also know which ice-melts to use, based on your deck material and surrounding landscape.


De-icing Services


Did you know that rock-salt can hurt your plants? There are other eco-friendly de-icing agents (that we can use on demand) so you can keep on enjoying your lush plants next spring.

Our professional teams use the right ice-melt every time.


Commercial Snow Removal

We can take on any commercial snow removal job, no matter how big or small. We have specialty equipment and well-trained teams:


  • Plowing – we can provide as many trucks as needed, based on property size
  • Using snow-blowers
  • Manual shoveling
  • Salting and ice-melt application


We offer both emergency snow removal and contractual snow removal. So, no matter if it is a one time job or a seasonal contract, we can get the job done.