Firewood For Sale

R&G Almanza Landscape guarantees our firewood to be seasoned and our fire logs to be of a high quality and ready to burn. We sell a mixture of firewood, such as Oak, Cherry, Birch, and Maple.

Firewood Delivery

Firewood will be stacked at the location of your choice. We deliver firewood to your place with free delivery within a 20 mile radius from Skokie, IL.

Firewood Bundles

These are the approximate number of pieces in each type of firewood bundles:

  • Half Cord: Approximately 100 Pieces
  • Face Cord: Approximately 200-210 Pieces
  • Full Cord: Approximately 700 pieces.

Our firewood for sale is locally sourced and has a significantly reduced carbon footprint.


Stacking Tips

Stacking your firewood correctly will keep it dry, clean and safe:

  • use a firewood rack to prevent the bottom layers from rotting and to improve air circulation
  • leave some room between your firewood stack and your house to ensure that insects that might be attracted to the wood do not get inside the house
  • keep the stack clean - leaves, plant material and other type of debris that forms naturally might attract insects and mold
  • keep it organized - stack your firewood neatly, but try to leave some small gaps to improve air circulation
  • use a tarp - cover your firewood stack to make sure rain, snow and excessive humidity does not reach it. Make sure that the tarp leaves some room at ground level for air to get in and help keep the stack dry.
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