Your front yard is indeed an eye into your home and contributes significantly to your home's value.

For this reason, many homeowners strive to keep these areas of their homes looking fresh, stylish and well-tended.

While this probably sounds expensive, it does not necessarily have to be.

If you are looking for creative landscaping ideas for the front of the house in Chicago, here are some suggestions.

Front Yard Landscaping Quote


Landscaping lights are often solar-powered and therefore don't rack up high electricity costs.

For homes with pools, water bodies and gardens, lighting can be used to demarcate and highlight these features.

However, with landscape lighting, less is always more.

While you might be tempted to have lights all over your yard, this can actually wash it out.

The purpose of yard lighting is the illuminated elements themselves, not the source of light. With this in mind, pick a few elements and use lighting tastefully to add some drama.

As far as front yard ideas go, landscape lighting is a top one.

Create a Front Patio

Patios lead the pack when it comes to small front yard landscaping ideas.

You can pave the area with gravel and irregular stones. This is low maintenance and saves on water as well.

If you need greenery as well, you can have a few potted plants.

For furniture for small patios, pick smaller pieces with smaller frames. Larger-framed pieces take up more space and can make a petite patio look tinier.

Colorful Succulents

While most people go for green plants, you can opt for colored succulents for a more unique feel.

These work great for smaller yards as well as most green plants tend to take up a lot of space.
You can also have colored succulents among green plants if you have a lot of space to add a splash of color.

These are easy to maintain and are easily transferrable whenever you want to upgrade your planting pots.


Birdbaths are not only stylish, but they are a sure-fire way to bring in more birds to your yard.

If you are just getting started on your landscaping and want a water feature of some sort, consider a birdbath.

It’s smaller and more affordable than most decorative water features and an array of chirping birds really adds to a property's charm.

For this to be a place that birds will love to come to, add several places where birds can perch and change the water regularly.

You will also be happy to know that there are birdbaths in many different shapes, sizes, and materials. You will definitely find one that compliments your house.

Multi-Season Flower Beds

Different flowers bloom at different times of the year. One way to have a colorful yard almost year-round is by mixing different varieties.

You can mix summer and spring flowers with evergreen bushes.

You can also include some window boxes to draw attention to the yard landscaping and create a flattering look from your house, yard, and driveway.

Add rock features

Rocks are a great addition to any yard. When shopping for landscaping rocks, you need a good mix of boulders, medium-sized stones, and pebbles and gravel.

You can then plant smaller rocks around larger ones to create a focal point and make a statement.

Aside from being decorative, you can use rocks functionally as well.

For example, to lien path and walkways, a spillway under your gutters, demarcate flower beds, etc.


Fresh mulch not only helps protects your trees and shrubbery: it also looks great and gives your yard a fresh, well-tended evened outlook.

When your trees and shrubbery are lush and green, fresh mulch can add a darker hue to your yard, bringing in a beautiful contrast.

Mulch is generally inexpensive. You can also make your own from grass clippings, wood chips, bark, and so on before application. You can also get store-bought mulch ready to spread.

Aesthetics aside, organic mulch breaks down over time feeds your soil with organic nutrients.

Flowerbeds around Trees

While trees bring enough beauty to a property on their own, accentuating them makes them even more so.

This requires some caution, however. People often mound more soil around the tree in order to have deep soil to plant the flowers. This is a mistake.

A raised bed has soil, compost and mulch, which can stifle the trees roots, harming the tree's health.

Instead, dig a small hole, being careful not to bore into the tree’s root and plant each flower in its own hole.

Similarly, stick with small plants that don’t grow higher than others. This avoids competition for sunlight, allowing them to grow evenly.

Utilize Your Corners

Most people focus on the front and center of their homes. This is the driveway or pathway leading to their front door.

If you especially have a small yard, it becomes essential to think about how to utilize all the space you have.

This includes the commonly ignore corners.

Use your corners for small trees, shrubbery, and even rock features. The fact that they are out of the way means you can set up delicate features here as well.

You can also make a corner a focal point by having a water feature, birdbath and so on.

In a nutshell, you can get the yard of your dreams regardless of its size. Look at these suggestions, add your personality and come up with a landscaping plan that works for the space you have.