It is the wish of every person to have a beautiful exterior in their residential or commercial property. This can be achieved by growing flowers or installing hardscape features. Regardless of what you do to improve the curb appeal of your lawn, what matters the most is the care that you give the lawn.

Taking care of your lawn is the only way that you can be assured of reaping the benefits that a perfect lawn gives.

Landscaping expenses can be recuperated at least 100% at the time of selling the property, with some particular landscape services bringing in a profit.

Difference between Lawn, Sod, and Turf

Before we delve into the brass tacks of lawn care, let us look at the main differences between these three words that are interchangeably used by people.

·      Lawn

A lawn refers to the entire area that’s covered with grass around the home. This is limited to the upper visible layer of the grass.

·      Sod

Sod is simply a small part of the soil and grass that’s held together by a root system. There are exceptional cases where the dirt and grass are held together by a layer of biodegradable material.

·      Turf

Turf is an area covered by grass and a layer of soil, though not held together by roots. In some cases, sod can form part of the tuff.

Elements of Lawn Care

A perfect lawn care program has to incorporate the following:

1.    Disease control

Diseases can significantly impact the appearance of your lawn in a negative way, and that is why it’s important to ensure that your turf is not infected in any way. Some of the factors that can bring diseases to your turf include overfertilizing, excess watering, and wrong cutting of the grass. To ensure that your remains in good health condition, it is essential to ensure that the aforementioned things are done correctly.

2.    Weed control

Weeds are the worst enemies to plants and, in this case, your turf. Proper lawn care should ensure that unwanted plants are eliminated. Weeds can be controlled using mechanical methods such as removing them manually, or chemical methods such as the use of herbicides. Our team of experts will choose the most appropriate weed control method for your lawn.

3.    Fertilizing

Fertilizing the lawn is an important practice. It provides nutrients that promote the healthy growth of your grass. The frequency of fertilizing depends on some factors, among them your region, and the particular needs of your lawn. However, it is most advisable to fertilize during fall.

4.    Seeding

It is essential to point out that seeding can be quite expensive, but it has a great benefit to your lawn. Seeding helps to fill in the thinned-out areas of your lawn, creating a dense growth of grass, that discourages pests and weeds. Seeding can also allow you to introduce a new type of grass that’s more resistant to diseases and insects.

Benefits of lawn care services

     I.         Reduced accidental damage

A large percentage of people lack the basic knowledge of how to properly care for their lawn. If you fall into this category, it is best to consult a professional lawn care service provider. Otherwise, carrying out lawn care on your own could result in severe damage.

Investing in our professional services gives you the peace of mind that your lawn is being taken care of by experts, who know how to avoid possible hazards while keeping your lawn healthy and attractive.

  II.         Less physical labor for you

It is essential to point out that lawn care is quite labor-intensive. And in most cases, handling the work often leads to sore muscles and sometimes the formation of blisters. Now you wouldn’t want to experience such, especially if you have other formal job commitments to attend to. Allowing us to take care of your lawn eliminates the burden from you, and you are assured that we will keep the lawn in top shape for you.

III.         It saves you money

Hiring a professional lawn care service provider may seem counterintuitive. Well, how could you pay someone else to work for you and save money? Here’s how. When you hire us, you won’t have to buy your own equipment, chemicals, or any other products that may be required to carry out the lawn care. When you compare the costs that you will incur if you do this on your own, with hiring a lawn care service provider, you will realize that it is more cost-effective to get professional help.

 IV.         Consistent care

With your tight schedule, it can be hard for you to create time to provide the regular care that your lawn requires. And when you get some free time, spending it with your family may seem to be more viable. Therefore, hiring a professional becomes the best option for you as you can be assured of constant and proper care of your lawn.

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