About 15 miles from the city of Chicago's northern border, lies the Village of Skokie. Dubbed "the world's largest village," Skokie sits in Cook County, Illinois. The town started as a German-Luxembourger farming community. Later on, it gained a sizable Jewish population, and up to date, around 30% of residents are of Jewish descent. The name 'Skokie' has its origins in a Potawatomi word for 'marsh.'

Due to its proximity to the city of Chicago, Skokie has an urban suburb mixed feeling. This, among other factors, makes the town a great place to live. It's no wonder that Skokie has a high estimated population of around 64,395 people. It is a pool of diversity and boasts of people from all backgrounds and races.

Most of the residents of Skokie own their homes, with only 21% opting for rent. It's ideal location, close to a major city, makes it a real estate magnet. The median home value in the town is $297,900, while the median rent stands at $1,226. Walking through the village, you can't help but notice several Chicago style bungalows. These bungalows became synonymous with the town during the real estate boom in the 1920s.

Recreation & Attractions

Another thing you won't fail to notice as you explore Skokie is Westfield Old Orchard.

Westfield Old Orchard is one of the country's first malls. It is also the third largest mall in Illinois by the total area covered. The mall houses Shake Shack burger, which is one of five locations of the burger chain in Chicago. It also houses other restaurants, including Epic Burger.

For the resident's other recreation needs, Skokie has its park district. The park district covers an enormous 240 acres of land. It houses several parks and facilities. The most notable of all is the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Centre. Others are Skokie Northshore Sculpture Park and North Shore Center for the Performing Arts. In the Sculpture Park, visitors enjoy beautiful statues, including one of Mahatma Gandhi. Every May, residents celebrate Skokie's diverse ethnicity in the Skokie Festival of Cultures. The park district hosts the festival.


Matters education, the 'world's largest village,' has 8 public school districts. The school districts consist of many exceptional public schools. There are also top private schools within Skokie. Higher learning is not left behind since there are a couple of colleges and universities in the area. These are; Oakton Community College, National Louis University, Everest College and the Hebrew Theological College.

Income and economy

The village has a robust economic health, with a AAA bond rating. Skokie became the first municipality to achieve nationally accredited fire, public works, and police departments. The village was also the first to attain a Class-1 fire department. Per capita income in Skokie stands at around $32,200, and the median household income is about $74, 200.


The Chicago Transit Authority serves Skokie's. Given its proximity to Chicago, its streets are more of a continuation of the city's street grid. Major highways include Interstate 94, US 41, Illinois Route 50, and Illinois Route 58. The roads reduce transportation to and from the city into a matter of minutes.


Skokie IL boast an impressive number of trees, over 25,000 Village owned trees. That is without counting the trees on the residential and commercial areas. It is also home to over 80 parks, a couple golf courses and a very welcoming community.


In general, Skokie is an excellent area to live in. Its location and available amenities make the village an ideal place to settle.

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