Anyone who owns a garden or lawn always wants to see it flourish. Of course, nothing comes easy. For you to achieve something incredible, you will have to overcome a few challenges. In gardening, one such challenge that you will need to overcome is the growth of weeds. This is because weeds will prevent your plants from thriving. That is why we have compiled a guide to help you navigate the world of weeding or weed control.

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What is Weeding?

Before we go further, you first need to understand the term weeding. By definition, weeding is the removal of unwanted plants that grow together with useful crops. These unwanted plants are what we call weeds.

Benefits of Weeding Your Garden

Now that you are conversant with the term “weeding,” let us now look at the benefits. Here are some of the reasons why you should remove weeds from your garden or lawn.

To Allow The Penetration of Sunlight to your Crops

Weeds are known to grow more aggressively than the crops you carefully plant in your garden. Therefore, if they grow faster than your plants, they will prevent sunlight from reaching your crops. If your crops do not get sunlight, it may hinder them from blooming. That is why it is important to remove weeds so that your crops get exposed to sunlight.

To Prevent Weeds From Robbing Your Plants of Nutrients

Plants need certain nutrients for them to grow and thrive. The fact that weeds are also plants, they too also need nutrients. Now here is a scenario where you have one useful plant (your crop) and another detrimental one (weed) growing in the same setting. Both of these plant types are competing for the same nutrients. In most cases, this competition tends to harm crops a lot. That is why you need to weed your garden to eliminate competition and save your crops.

To Prevent the Destruction of Crops by Chemicals Produced by Weeds.

There are different kinds of weeds, many of which harm your crops in a similar manner. Even with that being said, there are others that cause further damage. A good example of such weeds is nutgrass. The nutgrass is known to compete for resources with crops and also release chemicals that are harmful to crops. Therefore by weeding, you eradicate such poisonous plants, which could reduce your crop yields.

To Prevent the Spread of Pests in Your Garden

In the cold months, especially in winter, pests tend to turn weeds into their habitat. This may be great for them, but when the spring comes, this can ruin your garden. With a favorable environment set for them, these pests can spell destruction for your next year’s garden.

Issues that May Arise When Weeding Your Garden

There are quite a number of problems gardeners, even the experts, face when weeding. Here are a few examples.

Stubborn Weeds

Weeds like Velvetleaf and Morning glory are a nuisance because of their ability to spread. This then makes gardeners strive hard to eradicate them.

Solution: Make use of weed barriers as they will prevent the vines of these weeds from scattering seeds.

Possible Injury

When weeding, especially by pulling weeds out, you have to go down on your knees. As you, this, there may be stones or broken glass that may harm you.

Solution: Clear the areas around where you plan to weed to prevent any injury.

How to Weed your Garden

There are several ways of getting rid of weeds. The method you choose depends on what seems appropriate for you. Here we are going to look at two ways of weeding to give you a glimpse of how things go.

Pulling Weeds

One of the ways of getting rid of weed is by pulling them out. Here is a step by step guide to help you out.

Choose the right time to weed. According to experts, weeding on wet grounds is a lot easier than when the ground is dry. Therefore, try as much as possible to weed after it has rained.

Pick up your weeding tools and equipment. The first thing you need is a pair of gloves to protect your hands. You also need a farmer’s knife, which helps you stab, saw through the roots, and pull the weeds out. The weed dragon garden torch also comes in handy. This is because it emits a flame that cooks and kills weeds.

You then walk around the garden and plan on the sections that need to be weeded.

Thereafter pick a starting point and begin by loosening the roots of weeds from the ground.

You then grab the root and pull it out, either using your tools or hands.

Collect the weeds and dispose of them.


Using Herbicides

Another effective way of killing weeds is by using herbicides (chemicals). Just like any other chemical, herbicides also need to be handled with care. Here is how to apply herbicides to your garden safely.

The first thing that you need to do is read the label on the bottle of the herbicides. Doing so will help you get conversant with the guidelines of use.

Wear your protective gear. Mostly you will need a pair of gloves and goggles.

Mix the herbicide according to the instructions given in the label.

Apply the herbicides continuously with little overlap.

Once you are done spraying the herbicide, clean up the tools, and then take a shower.

Benefits of Hiring Professionals to Weed Your Garden for You

Of course, many gardeners are hands-on individuals. Basically, they tend to do all the garden maintenance work by themselves, including weeding. In as much as a few may be successful, calling in the experts would be a better option. Let us look at why it is important to hire professionals to weed your garden for you.

  1. Highly Effective- this is because our landscaping experts are highly trained to deal with any kind of weed, and they remove them exceptionally.
  2. It is Convenient- when you hire professionals, you do not have to do things like buying herbicides or collecting tools for uprooting. All you have to do is call them to your garden and leave everything for them.
  3. Use of Safe Removal Methods- Weed removal is not a straightforward thing, as many may think. There are things that need to be considered first, especially when using chemicals. In essence, the use of the wrong chemicals may destroy weeds and also harm crops. Therefore, hiring experts ensures that the right herbicides are used so as not to damage your crops.


Weeds can be a nuisance to your garden. In most cases, when gardeners come across weeds, they want to eliminate them immediately. Even if this way of thinking is not bad, it is important to understand the weeding process and everything around it. With the guidelines highlighted above, this should not be a problem for any gardener. All you have to do is choose the method that suits you and follow the steps to the letter. If you need professional landscaping help, which is actually better, do not hesitate to call in the experts.